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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep across the United States and the world, it affects every industry and sector of business, including the cruise ship industry. Earlier this year, television and print media were littered with stories and videos of cruise ships quarantined at sea with passengers and crew unable to dock at port and return home. As the full scope of the pandemic came into view, the cruise ship industry, including Carnival and Royal Caribbean, were forced to cancel upcoming voyages under guidelines promulgated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) including its “No Sail Order for Cruise Ships.” See

On top of that, there have been reports that more than 1,500 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 following cruises, and allegedly 39 people have died from COVID-19 following their trips on cruises run by Carnival Corporation and its subsidiaries. Numerous lawsuits were filed on behalf of injured plaintiffs against cruise lines throughout the United States. For example, two different classes of cruise passengers filed lawsuits against Carnival Corporation.
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